About Us

jamboreedental is your local dental office with a strong emphasis on individual and professional approach to each of our patients. We provide our clients with the latest in advanced dental technology that expands the scope of dental care while increasing comfort and reducing the pain of procedures. Our staff handles procedures for both adult and children and in case you need a recommendation for oral surgery, we have good relations with several of the top orthodontists in the area.

We want to help our patients overcome their fear of the dentist, which can often lead to delays in seeking the necessary dental treatments needed to maintain healthy teeth. Don't delay in providing your teeth the care it needs. Let yourself have the brilliant smile you deserve!

In addition to providing dental services we are proud of our social commitments. jamboreedental sees itself as a member of the community and gives back to the community with the goal of a better tomorrows. To learn more about what actions we are taking check our recent news on the home page.

Our offices are located at 62 Corporate Park, Suite 230 in Irvine. To set up an appointment visit our contact page and schedule an appointment now!


Jamboree Dental

62 Corporate Park, Suite 230

(949) 222-0296